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    Hey wishing you a very vibrant Friday morning! As you know this week our focus would only be on a smart retailing. In continuation of the same, it just arrived in our thought of asking why it was always considered a wise and profitable move to purchase designer kurtis in wholesales direct from a manufacturer of kurtis who are in Wholesales of kurtis of their own brand instead of buying wholesale Kurtis from Wholesalers of kurtis who are wholesaling different branded kurtis which they have directly or indirectly purchased from any manufacturer of kurtis. The answer from your and would be very simple and that is the difference of wholesale prices of kurtis. It is true if goods are purchased direct from manufacturer of kurtis you are bypassing the margins which a lone wholesaler of kurtis would keep. The another important thing which one generally misses out is that, the original manufacturer of kurtis has a complete control over his product. In case there is any manufacturing defect, you will get your case resolved immediately which is a very remote case in case of wholesaler of kurtis who has purchases goods from another manufacturer. The most important benefit from this direct purchases which the retailers get is the complete inside of the designs, like how the design actually is created, how the pattern of the design is actually set, what is the actual quality of fabric, what is the weight of the fabric what is the actual ratio of their threads been used and how the fabric is different from what the market is using. The manufacture of kurtis can thus clarify you that how the cost of the particular design is justified. Not only this he can further tell you that how the price of a particular design could have been reduced further. By having such a deep insight about any design a retailer can always ensure that he is having a complete control over the product which he is selling and thereby can convince his final customers on all the parameters. We all need to come on the same page to understand that may it be wholesales or retail, the business gets its strength not by doing many things at same time but by doing one thing at one time with all perfection!
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