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    We understanding our resp
    We understanding our responsibility as manufacturer and wholesalers of designer kurtis would like to put clothing facts in front of you.If you love mother Nature than you should wear the clothes which last long.The global production of fabrics and clothes has double in last five years and more than a quarter percentage of people wear clothes repeatedly.This increasing consumption of clothes is creating a environmental hazard.The discarded clothes end up as a waste and dumped inside land and the increased productivity of fabrics means increased quantity of chemicals usage thus leading to environmental degeneration. The billion rupee question now arise that how we can be part of this initiative of Saving mother nature?The answer remains very simple always go for quality and standard clothes may it be in any form or choice like trousers, pants, Kurtis, Palazzo, leggings, sarees etc.Always buy clothes or kurtis from the Manufacturer of kurtis who work hard on quality stitching ensuring perfect fits.Following these two simple steps you will ensure that there is durability of the kurtis which you wear and thus you would use them for a longer period of time. Finally stick to the fashion which goes with you and your personality.Do not experiment much.This will simply ensure that what ever purchased by you will stay with you without you get bored with very early. Your Strength was in being common and no one should take it away form you and not even the fast changing fashion. Be yourself!
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